Educational and vocational rehabilitation center

For people with special needs, the Capital Secretariat

15 Feb 2021

Training and rehabilitation services

Professional Section: -
The center includes in this aspect a vocational department that includes a number of professional trades, which are as follows: -
Blacksmithing craft.
Sewing craft for women.
Men's sewing craft.
Handicraft crafts (modern - old)
Computer craft.
- textile craft.
Leather craft.
The number of associates in the department is 35 male and female trainees
Through these previous trades, the center professionally rehabilitates the mentally and hearing handicapped and provides them with the necessary and necessary skills to integrate them into society and bring them into the local market so that they are not dependent on their families and society. As well as reaching with the competent authorities to employ them according to Law No. (61) of 1999 regarding the care of the disabled, Article No. (18), which states the following: - Allocated to the disabled who have a qualification certificate of 5% of the total vacancies for the state’s administrative apparatus
We encountered difficulty in the process of vocational training inside the center in previous years, due to the lack of electricity in the center, and now, thanks to God Almighty, Qena connects electricity to the center (commercial meter).

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