Educational and vocational rehabilitation center

For people with special needs, the Capital Secretariat

our goals

• Provide the appropriate amount of literacy education
• Acquisition of various life skills
• Providing awareness and guidance services
• Modifying the wrong behaviors of people with special disabilities (deaf, dumb and mentally handicapped).
Preparing for integration into society and their acceptance of each other
• Rehabilitate them professionally and educationally so that they are able to integrate into the labor market
• Helping families to accept their disabled children and understand the characteristics of the disability

Our motto

I'm not handicapped....
I will make my life


Our message

Our mission is to qualify
We take care of their special needs and seek to develop their capabilities to qualify them for a better life so that they attain greater independence and societal integration in making them more empowered.
Qualifying and training people with special needs educationally and professionally, and integrating them into society and the labor market


our vision

To be the best choice in the rehabilitation and care of persons with disabilities


who are we

The center was opened in 1989 AD, in joint cooperation between the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor and the United Nations Development Program. The ministry contributed to providing the staff, the International Labor Organization provided training and the necessary equipment, and the local council in the Capital Secretariat provided the building.
The center rehabilitates, educates and trains people with special needs
(Deaf and dumb - and intellectual disability).